Shoot #3, Faye

Original Sketch..

The idea behind this idea is one i have wanted to do for some time, its completely model driven. I half dreamt this of my friend faye, also a photography student studying in Liverpool. This idea was to practise different portraiture and to bring us together.

 I needed a chair for a prop, so contacted the library and they agreed. I have a written agreement with the library to borrow a chair between the hours of 4 and 6pm which i arranged a week in advance, the shoot took place on the 7th of October.





I found the portraits below on Flikr, by someone known as ‘Everybodywakeup’, so i’ll never really know the photographer. The use of light and composition caught my eye, they may be quite straight forward but for my shoot i’m not looking for something hugely dynamic. I’m interested by the shots, and prefer the one on the right because it isn’t overexposed and the item of the floor is less distracting. I think the lack of eye contact the photographer has instructed makes us less intrusive as the audience.

A completely contrasting portrait is one i also found on Flikr.. a totally different approach, a bit to lit and stylized for what i have in mind.









The Shoot

#1 Refining the setup

Some issue i had was the size of the chair.. and the shadow casting of the chair, so i had tobe aware of this when shooting. It worked out well because i had assistants all around me helping me decide what looked best for moral support.

#2 The Books. – I decided to use books as props as that’s the kind of scene i wanted it to turn in to. My aim was to find classic books to connect the viewer, books a lot of people can relate to, i got Moby Dick, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher and the Rye [as they are also books that mean something to me]. However my distance meant the covers weren’t so clear. Another problem to overcome. On top of these books i had an idea to try to add a feminist book in as an experiment to make a statement. The idea being a beautiful woman is sitting in a chair, posing, wearing a ‘boyfriend shirt’ [ a sign of staying over at his place the night before] lounging causally… reading a book about feminist essays.. which i thought may be funny.

#3 A true portrait.. Thirdly, for me and the model i wanted to capture the actual her, as you would in a portrait after my experiments. So i gave her a Vogue magazine.. Faye =Vogue and fashion

The editing process was easy enough, I decided to stay with colour because i like skin against all the black and white in the rest of the frame. I’m really glad the chair is huge and black and the shadows spread so nicely. Here are the results,

Im really in love with these portraits, the ideas came together and i think its an engaging slick portrait, and theres a few to choose from. The next two are the feminist and the true portrait…

To conclude i’d say the final two are stronger, not only because they show something i tried to represent and an element of true portraiture but because they have more engaging pose and theres depth, shadows and good tones. Im very happy with the final images.


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