Bronica Shoot -19th October

To practise with the bronica i came up with a simple shoot, to also experiment with lighting and negative scanning too.

Nadav Kander…

Second Influence-James Franko portrait.









The shoot. Taking refernce from both aforementioned photographers my main goals were to;

  1. Successfully use the Bronica for the first time with Black and White 120 Film
  2. Capture an essence of the models personality, the same as any portrait
  3. Ace the lighting I wanted, which is a mixture of both images. [ with a dated feel.. not modern looking]

Unfortunately i already failed at point number one from the begining, as i purchased colour film by accident.

As you can never be to careful with analogue, problems can occur from changing the film, development, i was safe and took some digital images. Also to gage what the medium format ones would come out like.

It was much more difficult to get the personality on the film, because there was a pressure of few frames and not knowing how they were coming out at the time. The next images are my two favourite from the Bronica…

I like the final images but recognise they arent perfect and there are things i would do differently…

I think the noise is good, although i had to rescue them because of a developing issue. I m happy with the contrast, the model and the colours, im glad its not black and white.

However i directed basic pose, put my own spin on some other ideas but not interestingly enough. And i’d wanna redo the lighting. I do prefer the digital images, lighting – wise they are better. A good first practise mind, next time i may try ring flash and film.


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