Shallow Grave #4 PH2000


Catholic churches

To be authentic and not too cliché i need to scene to look like a confessional. My tutor advised that i call up some churches and see what they thought of me shooting. Although this would be a smart idea and the lighting system is portable, i don’t really see it happening and the idea makes me uncomfortable.


Building a screen that would be the centre of the confessional, which would also cast a shadow. The frame is just a huge piece of Fretwork which I got discounted from B&Q because it was broken, cut down. I added the frame around the edge which is just 2×1, then stained with varnish.

Using the frame, and assistant and the Dedo lighting experiment [on 23rd November] I wanted to try out 4 different ways that I could shoot the models.

1. The idea in this shot was to capture the patterns only, as a suggestion of the booth. The advantages being more focus on the facial expression, the disadvantage being I don’t get to show off the frame I made!



2.The second experiment was like the first, getting the pattern effect and the screen in. Advantages, more symbolism and connotation with confession, disadvantages – is it too much?

3. The third using the panel as a backdrop, still getting some pattern. Advantages the aesthetic, disadvantages – the lack of face shown.

4.  The last with the model behind the screen, although this sort of portrait would leave more to the narrative, creating a relationship where we as the viewer are on the other side, the priest. But visually there is no detail in face because the patturn is so small. I won’t be using this idea.

Actors, after putting the poster out I have some interest. As the deadline is the 29th Nov, I plan to shoot on Friday 26th and print on Saturday 27th


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