Shoot Ideas – Medium Format

Medium format has always been my favourite type of black and white, which i first tried in college. A re-induction to the cameras in a week or two will mean that i can go ahead with some portraits i have had in mind for a while. The style i have in mind is a vertical contact strip style, not unlike a photo booth strip. The image below is a trial i did last year, however this was in digital attempt.

This second example is a self portrait by Andy Warhol using the same ideas i want to introduce to my work. My next step is to follow up on the model i have in mind, and either style myself or contact a stylist. I should also book a studio space, and decide on lighting.


Quote from Creative Director Glenn O’Brien

Studio Induction

Being mere first years at UCLAN university meant we were too young and naive to understand the way of the almighty and sacred ‘infinity curve’ in the media factory.. but now as second years our day has finally come.

The main differences and changes about using the media factory studio is the extensive space and extra lights, there’s also access to the infinity curve or a number of different coloured backdrops. The health and safety was much the same and after the induction i began to think of some ideas, triggered by the PowerPoint Darren had about how the use of a studio is almost limitless. The following practitioners were some of the examples used in the presentation and those that i found interesting for their style or approach

Peter Hujar

Zed Nelson

Paolo Roversi

Jeff Wall

Mert and Marcus

Hedi Slimane

Inez Von Lamsweerde and Edwin Blumenfeld

Mark Prescot
One person that was mentioned who’s a bit closer to home than the aforementioned professionals is third year student Mark Prescot. The image above was taken by him. I myself have tried playing with light this way, but hes pushed it much further and i think its come out stunning.

After looking through his blog and work i find that he is an inspiration to someone like me, mainly as we are going through the same course, i am glad to know i could contact him at any time. Another previous student we were told about was Amberly Valentine, who would also be good to contact.

One new thing i did briefly learn about whilst there was about colour gels, provoked by the image shown above which was created by Mert and Marcus. The use of colour gels on the fixed lighting can really open up the experimentation during a shoot. After i left the class i sent an email to Rosco, a colour gel company for some free samples and they came the next day. I can now choose to buy, borrow from stores and probably use the smaller samples on a flash gun.

Another piece of equipment i have been advised to purchase is the Kenro Infrared Flash trigger, attached to the top of a hot shoe on the camera, it eliminates the need for a wire connecting the camera to the lights. The only drawback of this item is the sight… the infrared on the lights must be able to see the signal coming from the flash trigger.

Research Blog

As part of a key module in Year two of my Photography course i have been set a research blog for Independent practise. When i found out it was another blog format i was excited and uneasy again.

Although this is the second time i am using the blog to vent my every move there are still things i am unsure about, but in retrospect this can only make me stronger in this field. I am going to change the way i blogged last time, firstly blogging weekly instead of towards the end of my project and with a much more broader look at photography, as the brief asks. The best part of this brief is the freedom… and its actually forcing me to discover what i want to be.. which i have been a bit blasé about

My aim is to broaden my professional skills, contextual awareness and let my creativity run wild. By doing this blog i hope to also discover what i want to be after university…. which is very daunting at this stage.

One thing the brief requires is to set myself 10 goals, which are basically trying new things, be it equipment, reading or visiting places or shoots. I don’t want to decide these now, and will make it very clear when i am fulfilling one! All that’s left to say is that i hope you enjoy my venture as much as i will..