My chosen location is National Trust site, Formby beach. Visting this place is a summer traditional where i live, and even more so i live further away i usually feel like visiting. Most of the times i go anyway is with my chosen model. This is an unconventional home of which i am very fond and much more interesting than other location examples.. like my house. I dont want my everyday, and here i can create so much more.

The Beach in next door to a pine forest, there are also dunes and some feilds, making this a varied location. I plan to take advantage of the sunshine, the shoot will take place on the 15th April, which has a good forcast.



Looking at Collier Schorr and other magazines, i like the scrapbook look that is created almost like a diary by numerous images. Obviously not all successful, but i like the effect because it creates more of an object feel.. which is homely.
Two Examples…

Collier Schorr’s collages [1st example] are most original, and are interesting because they differ from the conventional fashion montages like that of Tim walkers work [2nd examples]

I think both have their charms.. this is an option.. however it could look very forced

Cottage By The Sea

is a series Vogue Italia featured, work of fashion photographer Steven Meisel. German models Toni Garrn and Katrin Thormann star in this cinema inspired editorial entitled “Cottage by the Sea” that was published in the magazine’s November 2008 issue.

Hints of Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 art-film “Persona” can be seen in these ambiguous, surreal pictures taken at a beautiful but gloomy seaside location.
The styling and the sequence shots used enhance to a dramatic effect, whats particularly unique is the chemistry created between the models.

I love this shoot… there’s nothing about this shoot i dislike, a feel that all elements were really well thought through, and the inspiration of the past in well Incorporated into a modern twist. Realistically though.. the production values aren’t easily achieved by a student.. These action shots give me some ideas for my shoot.

This image is different, Meisel has used the landscape well, the incorporation of props, and the candid style of what appears to be an argument. It’s good because it’s so much more than fashion.. The mix of black and white imagery to colour is interesting, another thing i can use for trial and error.


Some possibilities i have considered include a picnic basket, a swing, bicycles and an old fashioned kite.

An old fashioned kite may enhance the styling of the shoot, searching online and in shops however i cannot find one, but i found a tutorial to make a traditional diamond kite like this one. Its not a bad thing however, because i could use this to sway the colours more etc. If i chose to make one..

All props i have in mind are a maybe.. that i will try but i have a feeling they may come off too forced.

Pixie Geldof

…featured in a scrapbook, teenage style spring looking shoot last year for Vogue. This is an example of what i don’t really want.
I find the styling too harsh, although i realise the shoot intentions where to create a tomboy image. The model only seems useful because of her fame, she is nor homely in the way i want to portray or inviting in these images. The props sometimes shout childhood.. but in an asbo way. I will be compeltly avoiding a location like this. This shoot is trying to hard..

A Review

on HOME.. At this stage, i have a model in mind, a location in mind and a number of ideas of the styling and execution. The straightforward connection to ‘Home’ is that the model represents my childhood, my leisure and where my heart is in reference to the location and model.

From here.. i will continue to look for inspiration, although i know i want my images to look quite different. I need to sort out more clothing, and set a date for the shoot.

The Shoot will be on the 15th of April 2010. My main aims are to create organically inspired images along the lines of what i have researched..



Although i don’t like how posed these images are, the use of props is interesting, the choice of model seems to boring and conventional.. the beach shoot is nice because of the use of the landscape. I am going to look for another location to boost an atmosphere because the images i have taken near my home.. are too dingy.