I made Photomontages from the places i spend most of my time.. my rooms. In a way my own home which i dont have to share which surrounds me with the things i like.

I like both montages and like them as a backdrop or base for ideas but i feel im going into the identity type project which is to personal to me.

From here i will be location scouting at my other homes, plus continuing lomo works and researching artists and photographers…


Around the house..

Taking these pictures around my homes and places in Preston was an attempt to become inspired by the everyday. I wanted to look at asbtract ideas before jumping to an obvious route of home. At this stage i’m not looking to settle on one idea. I will continue capturing my surroundings as inspiration but don’t feel this works as an idea on its own. From here i’m going to try out my fisheye lomo too..

The beggining….

..of blogging for me entirely! I knew of blogs, i read other peoples blogs, but never took this step. Now that a project dictates i use one, i think this will be a new interesting way for me to vent my feelings, creative influence and development

The new brief is called ‘Home’. The first thoughst that comes to mind are the family home, and also Preston as its my new adopted home. Home is also friends and family and my boyfriend David. From seeing this brief i automatically feel that i dont want to make an assignment that adresses my identity with all elements of me and my home. What i’m thinking now is aspects of home with contemporary ideas injected in. For example my home village as a location with ideas taken from my new life and home. Its early days, my intentions are to document all ideas and developments until i resolve this project into appropriate shoots. I want the process to be very organic, including the experimentation of using a blog for the first time!